A Year in the Life of Others

Artist in Residence

Szegedi Mūvésztelep, 2017

A piece made over a one month residency in Szeged, Hungary

Inspired by the extreme seasons of Szeged and an interest in getting people to talk to someone OTHER than those they know of and about, creating an installation that asked people to participate. It challenges audiences' formal ways of interacting with art and installations in Hungary.

During the first week of the residency, I came across Hungarian playing cards; there are 32 in a deck, each has a beautiful image symbolising of one of the 4 seasons. I used these cards as cues to start a conversation about each season, what it represents and how we sense it. 

The piece was a combination of poetry, a game and a symbol for expansion and exploration beyond a formal archive box and white brick walls. 


Tél – Winter

Tavasz – Spring

Nyár - Summer

ősz – Autumn