African Jeniba

Co-Lead Artist



The Project

African Jeniba is a sustainable project for WYCE charity based in Medina Salaam. The project not only generates income for WYCE but also generates financial income and skills training for the women and young adults of Medina Salaam.


How the project works

The African Jeniba jewellery is made in stages; young adults aged 16-18 hand make the beads, the women then complete the fabric work, using very basic equipment with minimum environmental impact. Once the products are completed, each person involved in the process are paid an equal and fair amount. The rest of the profits from sales go back into funding projects of WYCE charity. 


WYCE charity

WYCE is a charity (Registered charity number 1089167) that works in The Gambia to bring education, skills training, healthcare and self-sustainability to those in need.  WYCE works hard to ensure that it helps to develop the villages the way that is best for the Gambian economy in line with Governmental development ideology.