Guessing Games 

Lead Artist 

Museum of London Docklands

Families were invited to take part in a games of chance to discover the Hidden Stories behind objects found by archeologists during the Crossrail Tunnel build.

The idea of chance is one of which archaeologists encounter day-to-day in their job. Not knowing what they will uncover next and what stories are hidden beneath the ground. 

The dice used in this game is a replica of a roman dice, instead of number there are letters,


If read in sequence this may very (very) roughly translate as something like ‘P(ublius) is arisen from the city Italy’. Only some five other lettered dice of this nature are known from across the Roman Empire. 

I asked families a question after they had discovered an object and it's hidden story. 

Imagine you were an archaeologist and by chance you revealed an amazing object and story, what

would the object or story be?

Families then had the chance to write or draw their imagined object, place or story in secret and then revealing it at the end.