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This is a piece that was commissioned by the Museum of London for the Votes for Women Exhibition. Over one weekend families could come and play the oversized 3D version, the game span around your characters could encounter the lights and sounds of each world that was created on each step on the board.


Pank-A-Squith is a propaganda table-game. It represents the attempts of Suffragists to reach the House of Commons showing the difficulties, prejudices and injustices which the suffragists had to meet. The suffrage movement produced toys and games to popularise its ideas and activities. The Pank-a-Squith board game was first advertised in Votes for Women on 22 October 1909. The game depicts the suffragettes' struggle with Prime Minister Herbert Asquith and the Liberal government. By rolling the dice, players attempt to move a suffragette figure from her home to the Houses of Parliament, her course being hindered by a number of obstructions along the way. The game was distributed and sold through the network of high-street shops run by the Women's Social and Political Union. - Museum of London 2018



Museum of London | 2018

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