I’m a Set Designer, Theatre Maker and Visual Artist working in large-scale, site responsive experiential theatre and installation design. I make work collaboratively, and often devise narratives, designs and experiences through a process of exploration, involving place, people and play. I make multifaceted work that often takes unexpected paths, the way it’s executed depends on where it’s made and who the audience is. Is it live, or does it exists in the form of a book,

is it both those things or neither. Ideas are ever evolving and revisited.

Over the past 11 years I have worked as a Designer and Visual Artist for WildworksPunchdrunkNigel and Louise, Battersea Arts Centre, and Discover Children's Story Centre.


Wildworks; Future Project \\ Co-Designer \\ May 2021- Now
Wildworks; Future Project \\ Designer \\ August 2021 - Now
LIFT & ArtsAdmin; Dog Ballet \\ Co-creator (w. Nigel Barrett, Louis Mari & Lewis Gibson) - Co-creator - Designer
Miracle Theatre; Everyman \\ Designer
Francesca Hyde; Tank & Me \\ Designer 
Tallin Tallin \\ Artistic Director - Illustrator - Designer \\ 2014- Now
Punchdrunk; Future Project \\ Designer \\ 2020 - Now


Wildworks; Portland Digital Space \\ Co-creator - Designer


Punchdrunk; The Burnt City \\ Head of Design \\ 2019 - 2020
Wildworks \ imPOSSIBLE; Big Skies Residency \\ Artist
Punchdrunk; The Third Day \\ Art Dept
Punchdrunk; 1000th Sleep No More Event \\ Designer 
Nigel and Louise \ Terrestrial; Spy Kids Wanted \\ Designer - Co-creator 


Museum of London \\ Freelance Artist & Designer \\ 2017 - 2019
Nigel and Louise; Dog Ballet – Torbay \\ Designer - Collaborator
Punchdrunk; Environmental Sound Experiment \\ Designer
Wildworks R&D \\ Collaborating Artist - Designer
Myriddin Pharo; SUM R&D - Rich Mix \\ Collaborating Artist 
Museum of London; Spells \\ Co-creator - Designer - Writer
Nigel and Louise \ Terrestrial; Spy Day - WSM \\ Designer - Collaborator
Museum of London; Easy Wings Travel \\ Director - Designer 
Eyeview; The Fabric of Home - Torbay \\ Co-Creator - Designer 
Eyeview; The Mansion R&D - Oldway Mansion \\ Co-Creator - Designer 
Punchdrunk Enrichment; Small Wonders - EICF \\ Assistant Designer 
Oasis Play; Storytelling - Making Worlds \\ Workshop Design and Delivery


Malo A Mintengo Yambiri - Thuma Malawi \\ Director and Designer

Fuel; The Dark \\ Scenic Artist, Floor installation creation 

Kit Theatre; Digital Ghost Hunt \\ Costume and Props Detail Designer 

Nigel and Louise; Butcher King’s Birthday - Smithfields \\ Designer 

Wildworks; 100:Unearth – The Lost Gardens Of Heligan \\ Assistant Designer 

Punchdrunk Enrichment; Small Wonders \\ Assistant Designer 

Nigel and Louise; Party Skills for the End of the World \\ Associate Costume Designer 

Museum of London; Happy Thoughts \\ Designer 

Museum of London; Pank-a-squith \\ Designer 

Dot Dot Dot; Somnai - London \\ Designer Maker 

Middlesex University – Theatre Arts BA \\ Visiting Lecturer 


Wildworks; Wolfschild \\ Artist

Nigel and Louise; I am Candy, You are Dark Fortune \\ Assistant Designer

Punchdrunk; Kabeiroi \\ Design Team

BAFTA Awards – ADEVENTS; Table Sculptures \\ Designer - Head of Design

A Year in the Life of Others - Szegedi Mūvésztelep \\ Artist in Residence

NYC Downlow; Block9 – Glastonbury \\ Detail Design Supervisor \\ 2014 – 17

Punchdrunk Enrichment; Lost Lending Library \\ Maker

Punchdrunk Enrichment; A Small Tale \\ Maker 

Scribbled Thought; Playground Victories \\ Scenic Artist

Young Vic; And Yet It Moves \\ Scenic Artist 

EBP; Bikeology \\ Props Design 

Museum of London; Guessing Games \\ Designer 

Studio Stilton; House of Peroni \\ Design Assistant


Wildworks; Great Survey of Hastings \\ Assistant Designer 

Fuel; Opera for the Unknown Women \\ Scenic Artist and Drapery

Erasmus+ Romania \\ Selected Artist

London Underground; Block9 & David Rosenberg \\ Prop Maker 

Teletubbies; Darrell Macqueen \\ Prop Maker & Art Department 

Battersea Arts Centre; High Tidings \\ Commissioned Scenic Artist 

Local Nomad \\  Director - Lead Artist \\ 2011-16

Front Left; Moomin Exhibition Southbank Centre \\ Design Assistant 

Leeds University; MA Scenography \\ Seminar Speaker


Battersea Arts Centre - Town Hall Cherubs \\ Commissioned Artist
Battersea Arts Centre - Mr Mountfords Workshop \\ Designer 
Wildworks; Yuletide Archive – Eden Project \\ Designer Maker 
Nigel and Louise; The Body – The Barbican \\ Assistant Designer 
Discover; Micheal Rosen - Bear Hunt \\ Head of Scenic Art 
Block9; Banky’s Dismaland – Tropicana Weston Super Mare \\ Scenic Artist 
Block9; Utopia – The Roundhouse \\ Prop Maker and Set Installation 
Battersea Arts Centre – Heritage Workshops \\ Lead Artist
Wildworks; Wolfschild \\ Artist 
Punchdrunk; Against Captains Orders \\ Head of Scenic Art 


Sony Pictures; Salad Days \\ Art Director 

Wildworks; 100: The Day Our World Changed \\ Designer Maker 

V&A Museum – Midsummer Workshops \\ Lead Artist

Dots – Discover Centre for Children’s Stories \\ Commissioned Artist

Princes Drawing School; Summer Party –Buckingham Palace \\ Artist - Maker 

Wildworks; Once Upon a Castle \\ Design Assistant

Punchdrunk; The Drowned Man \\ Scenic Artist - Design assistant 


Punchdrunk; The Drowned Man \\ Scenic Artist - Design assistant \\ 2013 -14
Block9; Lana Del Ray Tour Set \\ Fabric Installation Creation
Street Spirit \\ Lead Artist & Facilitator
Wildworks; Babel \\ Design Assistant 
Shunt; The Architects \\ Design Assistant 
Bow Arts Trust \\ Artist Educator
Secret Cinema; Prometheus \\ Installation co-design 
Southbank Centre; Art of Change Exhibition New Directions from China
Prop Maker

Independent Productions; Boy in a Dress \\ Design Assistant