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War. Love. Loss. Hope.
“A very powerful piece of theatre, epic in scale, cleverly woven together stories, a feast for the eyes and ears, very moving with comedy too.”

Follow WildWorks into the Underworld, woven through The Lost Gardens of Heligan and the unfolding of a show with a love story at its heart; an exploration of grief and tragedy with a deeply moving ending.

The companion piece to 100: The Day Our World Changed looks at the aftermath of conflict, telling the homecoming stories of those who fight and live through war. Through 100:UnEarth, WildWorks retell the Greek Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice.

“Last night, some magic in the mist. 100: UnEarth a beautiful immersive experience, A love story inspired by Orpheus and Eurydice. See this if you can.” Dawn French on Twitter

100: UnEarth is co-commissioned by 14-18 NOW and The Lost Gardens of Heligan  

WildWorks 2018


Assistant Designer


Lost Gardens of Heligan |2018

Dir: Kyla Goodey

Production Designer: Mydd Pharo

Photographs - Steve Tanner

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