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When your time’s up, how will you account for your life on Earth? 

Everyman is riding high. He works hard and plays harder. He has success, wealth, good looks and is living the dream… until Death comes calling. Forced to take a chaotic pilgrimage, Everyman becomes a man on the run, frantically attempting to justify his life choices – but who will speak in his defence before his time runs out? 

Everyman holds an awkward mirror up to humankind and asks whether it is only in death that we understand our lives… 

Miracle Theatre brings Carol Ann Duffy’s radical adaption right up to date, creating a multi-sensory experience with sizzling sound score, mesmerising 3D projection, stunning design, and gripping performances. This must-see show is a stark reminder of how fragile our relationship with the planet really is.


Miracle Theatre

Cornwall| 2021

Brighton Fringe & Bristol| 2022

Set and Costume Designer and Collaborator 

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