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At the water’s edge, beneath the shade of an ancient tree, a mother forms a perimeter to protect herself and her child from an

unspeakable darkness.

The tide ebbs and flows, the years pass, and the boy is taught stories of the dangers that lay beyond the safety of her embrace.

But one day the boy awakes to find his mother is gone…

and a stranger arrives at the perimeter’s edge.

The boy must walk out into a new world.

A world of gods and monsters.

Experience this fantastical journey discovering the light amidst the darkness and take a deep dive into the depths of your consciousness to rewrite the stories that try to define us.

Dark, humorous, fiery and honest… 

‘I AM KEVIN’ is a provocation to rediscover the power and possibility that lies beneath the surface of us all.



Carlyon Bay | 2022

Set Designer - Co Designed with Ellie Williams

Photographs by Ian Kingsnorth

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