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Thuma Forest is a reserve in Central Malawi, Wildlife Action Group Malawi is an NGO helping to protect the forest from deforestation and poaching. Many villages surround the boundary of the forest, the communities that live in the villages are mainly subsistence farmers, they are witnessing the importance and the effects the forest has on their livelihoods.

Malo A Mitengo Yambiri is a project that explores villagers relationship to the forest, in the past, present and predictions for the future. It explores stories of animals, human animal conflict and the poetry of observing the natural world. ‘Malo’ explores stories of animals that once were, human-animal conflict, the poetry of observing the natural world and seeing first-hand climate change in one's lifetime

The project has manifested itself into a 45 minute film, that weaves together stories, songs, memories and observations collected from villages dotted around the boundary line of Thuma forest.

Above a small silent extracts from the film. 



Director || Designer

Thuma Forest - Malawi, 2018

Photographs by Reto Güttinger and Amy Pitt 

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