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The Raven is the most notorious villain in Weston-super-Mare. Agents Cluck & Babbington (Nigel & Louise) had been trying for ages to bring this dark force to justice, with no luck. But now they had a brilliant group of new undercover agents. Through a series of video messages sent to classrooms, they explained that the Raven was planning a big birthday party with all his nasty associates – and they had managed to sneak the children’s secret identities onto the guest list. This was the perfect moment to infiltrate the criminal underworld, and foil the Raven’s plot.

In the days running up to the party, each of the 15 classes received a surprise visitor from a representative of Corvus: a local water company. He tested the children’s bottles and classroom taps. Many of the children thought there was something a bit suspicious about him…

500 children and members of school staff received a personalised invitation, each with a secret code built into it. On the morning of the party, undercover agents arrived at the eight schools to help the children create their own costumes. Eight teams of disguised partygoers then marched through Weston to the seafront.

They arrived at Tropicana to find it transformed into a decadent disco, with a huge festival-style DJ set-up and cabaret performers hosting the action.

Just when it was starting to feel like a joyous celebration, the Raven’s evil henchmen announced that they had captured all of the schools’ headteachers, along with agents Cluck and Babbington. The only way to save them was to solve a series of increasingly difficult challenges against the clock. The children set to work, solving riddles, digging clues from the beach, and piecing together the answers to a complex code.

With just seconds to spare, the final puzzle was solved, the coded door released, and the teachers were saved. Defeated, the Raven revealed his true identity… the Corvus water engineer! He’d been planning to poison Weston through its water supply. Cluck & Babbington escorted him away in the back of the beach rangers’ truck as the celebration exploded out onto the beach. Weston is safe thanks to the skill, energy and creative thinking of its children.

Terrestrial, 2019


Designer \\ Collaborator

Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari \\ Terrestrial 

Tropicana - Weston Super Mare | 2019

Photographs by Paul Blakemore

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