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The Prometheus Project, by award-winning Irish choreographer and DDF Artist in Residence Luke Murphy, is a series of five distinct but interconnected performance installations, which will be developed and presented over three years.  

Adapting the classic story of Prometheus, the god who gave fire to humans, and anticipating the crucial moment when Zeus took it away, this series introduces us, one by one, to a community of people preparing to lose power.  

Murphy premieres the series with The Archivist as part of DDF’s 2023 Edition. Framed within the confines of a ‘room’, in this performance installation, Murphy invites us to accompany one resident in the final hours of life as they know it. As the protagonist awaits Zeus’ inevitable retribution, they count down the moments to both an ending and a beginning. Gliding between image, movement, and narrative, their story offers a fascinating insight into how we live, what is important, and what we’ve created. 


Luke Murphy - Attic Projects

Dublin Dance Festival | 2023


Photographs by Patricio Cassinoni

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