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It’s 2050 and climate change is shaking the natural world. Now that the bird watchers can no longer watch, Skylar’s home will never be the same again…

Nest was a large-scale theatre production that explores how we can combat the climate crisis and create a better world for future generations.

This original and epic performance took place at the bio-diverse landscape of RSPB St Aidan's Nature Park. Audiences came with us on a journey across St Aidan's, moving through the site as the story unfolded.

The park's transformation from a former coal mining site to a nature park serves as a powerful testament to the potential of environmental reclamation and conservation efforts. Nest explores our relationship with the planet, with birds and wildlife an important part of the story. St Aidan’s is the best backdrop possible for such a performance. 

This timely and hopeful piece is part of National Youth Theatre’s ongoing work on climate change.


LEEDS2023 and National Youth Theatre

St Aidans RSPB Leeds | 2023

Set and Costume Designer

Photographs by JMA Photography

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